Apple Licensed Developer specialising in Apps, music & electronics industry.

Our Services

We simply want to make sure your brand is getting the nourishment it needs and that our service is providing the best bang for your buck.

Total IT Solutions

Mobile Apps and Web development, content management systems, sound engineering and more. A team of full-stack world class IT experts are here to listen, understand and create tailor-made apps and systems just for you.

Music Hardwares

An array of music electronics and sound professionalizing hardwares with patented technologies available for you that including but not limited to portable boom-boxes, headphones, amplifiers, and vocal-removal microphones.

Marketing Consultant

Specialising in consulting for brand development and the marketing strategy; so as to providing legal advice and assistance in company registry affairs in Japan and the United States of America.

Same Speaker. Better Sound.

Transforming 2.0 speaker to 3D Cinema Sound. Our 3DS^3 Technology can easily convert your 2.0 speaker to 5.1 speaker. Featuring this technology, 3D Cinema Sound can be played anywhere at your own preference.

We install. You Enjoy.

Providing service for installing our 3DS^3 Technology to upgrade your existing sound system. Without replacing any of your audio equipment, this installation by professionals brings you better sound for conferences, concerts or any type of performances.

Your Home. Audio Transformation.

The 3DS^3 Technology is being pre-installed in our world-class iMusic Combo and iMusic Forte Duo. The iMusic Combo is an integrated system for both portable devices and home studio system. iMusic Forte Duo is a pair of speakers built for iMusic Combo which is designated to deliver high sound quality.

About Us

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    About Company

    1st HK Company in IT industry implementing ISO20000 & ISO2700I international standard for IT Service Management and Security Award

    iMusicTech represents interactive music technology

    • IT & Music Intelligence
    • Create interactive musical products by advanced technologies

    Licensed Software & Hardware developer of Apple Inc.

    • Apple Contract Licensee No.: C56-09-00550
    • “Made for iPod Program”
    • “Works with iPhone Program”
    • “Works with iPad Program”
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    About Founder

    Mr. Kenneth Chau can be regarded as an extraordinary entrepreneur with devotion on developing innovative technology, especially in the field of music-related digital media industry so as to enhance the engagement between technology and people. Under his strong global vision, he leads his company “iMusicTech” in gaining the international recognitions and expanding global business markets.

    iMusicStory is a branch of iMusictech, devotes not only to targeting on the local market but also the international markets. Kenneth’s vision for iMusicStory is to adopt many new technologies and innovative ideas to facilitate companies to do promotional campaign strategies.

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    Our Mission

    About Our Mission

    iMusicTech Ltd. was founded by a group of experts in IT, music and electronics industry. To contribute the industry’s development, we share the information of technology, music and electronic products through various activities, including exhibitions and seminars. We aimed at promoting the interests of Hong Kong residents and we stressed on the quality of product and the spirit of pursuit of excellence. As a local brand, we represent Hong Kong spirit – hard working & adventurous.

    To raise the awareness of the importance of innovation and research, we endeavour to nurture next generation of innovative technology. We are actively seeking the collaboration with the universities, tertiary institutions and the Vocational Training Council in order to provide more opportunities to technology personnel.

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Feel free to give us a call or pop in for a cuppa, we are happy to talk you through any projects or run live demos for those wishing to see what it is to use our products and how they look like.


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